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the biGGest mistAkes when choosing a miAmi Realtor.
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Here are the biggest mistakes you might make when choosing a Miami real estate agent (in no particular order):

  • Choosing a realtor who is not well connected within the real estate market.
  • Selecting a realtor who does not have the network to offer or find off market listings.
  • Selecting a realtor who does not have national or global reach.
  • Choosing a friend or a relative as your realtor just to do them a favor (do yourself a favor instead!)
  • Selecting an agent without experience or someone who sells real estate on the side.
  • Selecting an agent without negotiating power.
  • Choosing an agent who does not know the market and, therefore, cannot compare neighborhoods, streets, or condominiums.
  • Selecting an agent who cannot ask the appropriate questions, or what risks to look for when buying a property. 

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