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Today in SERNDA TALKS, we are going to talk about miAmi.

For some people, there is still a question of whether it is worthwhile to invest in Miami...

The Miami real estate market has been one of the fastest-growing areas in the state for a long time.

To determine if buying properties in Miami is still a good and safe investment, you need to dig deeper into market trends and statistics.

Top reasons to invest in MiAmi include the most beautiful beaches, the strong international market, the limited supply of new homes, and the large retirement community.

Miami is the fifth fastest growing city in the country and is a magnet for foreigners, with Brazilians, Mexicans, Argentinians, Russians, Turks, Chinese, Mexicans and Londoners.

Miami is a popular destination for work and leisure due to its great climate, but many older residents do not sell, limiting the availability of houses for sale.

High-rise construction has contributed to the third highest skyline in North America, and Miami is the sixth most densely populated city in the country. I

t has the largest economy in South Florida and the 12th largest GDP, and has an equal unemployment rate as the national average.

Additionally, there is no rent control law in Florida, so landlords can evict tenants if they are 3 days late on their security deposit.

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